Svartkonst + Bliss of Flesh

Klubb Fredagsmangel

Svartkonst + Bliss of Flesh

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Klubb Fredagsmangel & Medborgarskolan Stockholm presents

Svartkonst (SWE) Black Metal
Bliss Of Flesh (FRA) Black Metal

150kr via
200kr at the door
Members 100kr
The club is open 17-01
Bliss Of Flesh 21:00
Svartkonst 22:30

SVARTKONST is a blackened death metal band from Sweden, with heavy riffs, sharp melodies, brooding atmosphere and an intense aggression that has not left anyone untouched. The vision of SVARTKONST is to blend the heaviness and filth of Swedish Death Metal with the coldness and desperation of Black Metal. In 2018 SVARTKONST unleashed its debut album “Devil’s Blood” and it hit like a minor bomb in the extreme metal circles. The record was nominated by Aftonbladet’s (Sweden’s biggest newspaper) Sofia Bergström to be the year’s second best album and the hype about the one-man band was on the rise.

In 2020 SVARTKONST released its sophomore album “Black Waves”, with a further evolution of the sound. It got raving reviews and praise around the world and even got a nomination from Manifestgalan (Swedish indie-Grammys). At this time Svartkonst went from being a one-man effort to a full live line-up and finally made their live debut in 2021, and later went on a tour with the legendary cult band Craft in 2022. In 2023 SVARTKONST finally launched the next intense chapter in the band’s history with their third full-length record “May the Night Fall”.

Bliss Of Flesh;…
Formed in 1999, French dark metallers BLISS OF FLESH have always been a very charismatic band. Their obscure brand of non typical, lyrically and musically thoughtful, obscure black/ death metal has aroused genuine passion in many European lands drawing them an ever growing amount of followers. The band has also been building up a scorching reputation for their incendiary live shows. BLISS OF FLESH developed a conceptual trilogy of three albums inspired by Dante’sTrilogy : Divine Comedy . Their previous album ‘Empyrean’ released in 2017 on Listenable concluded such trilogy.

2020 sees the release of their brand new album ‘Tyrant’ and is this time based on the concept of ‘Le Discours de la Servitude Volontaire ‘ ( Voluntary Servitude Thesis) written by French philosopher Etienne de la Boétie.

BLISS OF FLESH ’s new album ‘Tyrant’ album has been mixed and mastered at Vamacara studio in France by HK. (, artwork was created by Hungarian artist Balázs Jacsó . The tyrant also wears broken chains, underlining his past as a servant himself… and the fact that we are most of the time our own tyrant, prisoner of a vicious circle.

« Tyrants are only great because we are on our knees. » – Etienne de la Boétie –

BAND LINE UP : Necurat (Vocals) Sikkardinal (Guitars) Fleshtstigma (Drums) Victus (Guitars) Poison (Bass)

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2024-04-26 @ 17:00

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