Protector & Violentor & Disarray

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Protector & Violentor & Disarray

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Klubb Fredagsmangel & Amplified Stockholm Presents

Protector (DE/SWE) Thrash Metal legends
Violentor (ITA) Thrash Metal
Disarray (SWE) Thrash Metal

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300kr at the door (Cash or Swish only)
Members 100kr
The club is open 17-01

Protector was formed in Wolfsburg/Germany in the summer of 1986 by Michael Hasse (v/dr), Hansi Müller (g) and Michael Schnabel (b). Later that year the band recorded and released their first demo. In the fall of 1987 the band, now with Martin Missy (v) and Ede Belichmeier (who had replaced Michael Schnabel) in the lineup, released the EP “Misanthropy”. In the same year Protector also played their first gigs. On the 26th of february 1994, almost seven years, one EP, four LPs, four tours and a couple of lineup-changes after the release of “Misanthropy”, Protector played their last gig (in Wolfsburg) in the formation Olly Wiebel (v/g), Matze Grün (b) and Marco Pape (dr). During the years 1996-2003 Protector was kept alive by drummer Marco Pape. The band recorded one demo in 1999, and in the years following their third gig together in 2001, the band fell apart bit by bit. In 2006 the Protector tribute band ”Martin Missy and The Protectors” was formed in Sweden by Martin Missy, Carl-Gustav Karlsson (dr), Mathias Johansson (b) and Michael Carlsson (g). They played twentyfour gigs together between 2006 and 2011. In october 2011 “Martin Missy and The Protectors” announced that they officially would continue under the name Protector. Since then, the band has released one demo and four LPs (the latter four on High Roller Records) and has played many club- and festivalgigs in Europe.

Thrash Metal From Italy

Thrash is reborn

Just like when thrash was new, it’s a global crisis that underlies the new wave of young bands that blend the ethos of punk with the technical dexterity of the metal genre. The difference now is that the very epicenter of the movement has moved significantly closer to the mental precipice where climate crisis, pandemic, AI threats and terror wars make it impossible to numb one’s anxiety with video games or drugs. If Sweden became a hub for death metal when the decadent yuppie era of the 80s was on the autopsy table, Disarray was born right into the galloping chaos and disorder that defines a world in a state of dissolution.

Since the start in 2022, Disarray has played extensively on Stockholm’s underground scenes and released the mini-album “Evil is Reborn” in the summer of 2023, which caught the eye of both record companies and reviewers around Europe. Pre-production on a full-length album in 2024 has just begun.

Disarray consists of:

Lucas Lee, vocals and lead guitar Valter Ernerot, guitar Edvin Mossfeldt, bass Morgan Ottenvang, drums 

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2024-11-30 @ 17:00

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