Empresses & Starblind & Razor Attack

Klubb Fredagsmangel

Empresses & Starblind & Razor Attack

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Klubb Fredagsmangel & Medborgarskolan Stockholm Presents

Empresses (SWE) Epic Melodic Tale-Metal
Starblind (SWE) Heavy Metal
Razor Attack (SWE) Power Metal

150kr via Nortic.se https://www.nortic.se/ticket/event/52464
200kr at the door (Cash or Swish only)
Members 100kr
The club is open 17-01
First band on stage 20:15

Once upon a time, there was a land plagued by war and suffering. The tribes fought amongst each other and warlords sent their people into constant cycles of slaughter. One of these warlords managed with great skill in diplomacy and superior military power to unite the tribes and was declared Emperor of the land. And for a time there was peace and prosperity in the land… But no good things last forever and now the emperor lies whitered and old on his death bed. With every dawn and every dusk there are more rumors of strangers and dark creatures looming and scouting the lands borders. Fear has once again returned to the land… As the morning sun rises, the Emperor turns his head and looks upon his daughter by his bedside. With raspy breaths he sais, I will soon leave you, and you will rule. Listen to your heart and your head and rule with compassion. Treassure what we have built here and don’t let it die with me. As he closes his eyes and goes back to sleep a messenger arrives with words of an attack to a village in the outskirts of the land. The emperors daughter feels how her sadness turnes to rage and she storms of to the stables to find her horse and ride it into battle!

Follow the Empress on her journey through war, death, doubt and glory. An epic metal tale with great guitarr harmonies, heavy riffs and groove you got to dance, jump and bang your head to! All presented with a captivating stage show of steel and power!

Starblind exists with the sole purpose to bring Heavy Metal that that pierces the heart and sounds like it used to back in the 80´s: raw, melodic and a bit more straight forward. With four albums spanning over seven years, touring all over Europe, showing no signs of stopping, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Razor Attack;
The idea of Razor Attack dates back to 2010 – the plan was to make dangerous and fast metal with catchy lyrics. 10 years later guitarist/vocalist Tommy team up with drummer Oscar “Doublekickinen” Rask and guitarist Antos “Downpikkinen” Savolainen in the town of Linköping, Sweden. Not to forget the extraordinaire Robert Thor on bass guitar completing the line-up.

The musical style is power-/heavy-/thrash-metal with a strong old school vibe. An EP was released in 2021 and a few singles during 2022, in 2024 they released their first album “Razor Attack”
This is for sure an up-and-coming band to look out for in the metal scene.

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